Updating a timeless, and timely, work. And impressing Joe Rogan.

I've come to realize that, more than any specific partisan point of view, I believe most in conversation. And it's a practice that's been devalued in recent years, with deeper divides and greater polarization as a result. Believing in the need to restate the case for open exchange of ideas, I blindly reached out to Jonathon Haidt—a leading national thinker, author (The Righteous Mind and Coddling Of The American Mind), and founder of Heterodox Academy—with an offer to help however I can.

A week later I met with Jon and Richard V. Reeves (Dream Hoarders, John Stuart Mill: Victorian Firebrand)to begin work on All Minus One.

Through the Heterodox Academy's network of professors—and a nice little bump from an the Joe Rogan Experience—this accessible, digestible, and (hopefully) beautiful new edition of John Stuart Mill's On Liberty—is assigned across the world, and is introducing a new generation to the value of open, honest, and courageous exchange.

It is available as a free pdf to all students at the Hxa website, as well as modestly priced kindle and a deluxe print edition. on Amazon.

ROLE: Illustrator