Using proprietary techniques, I developed a new medium--creating infinite, moving, and truly 3D landscapes within a confined space. Think Kusama's Infinity Rooms, but kinetic...and even more sharable. The rise of instagrammable art made something clear—people want to be part of beautiful things.

It made it's full-scale debut at the NBA All-Star Game and the US Open, in partnership with American Express and Momentum World Wide. Celebrities and fans alike were wowed by experience, and their instagram followers took notice!

The Infinity Cube's unique merger of video and specialized mirrors create an incredible platform to immerse people in compelling, brag-worthy, content that will overwhelm the senses. But most importantly, it's not just a backdrop for a killer selfie (which it is) but a genuine experience that will create an unshakable memory and an unmissable attraction.

Video and imagery is a mixture of both demo models and the full-scale installations.