People never outgrow a giant delivery from Hasbro Toys.

In the mid 2000s, the media landscape was becoming more prolific with blogs creating a never before seen hunger for content, and the burgeoning geek culture was at the forefront of that movement. To amplify our PR efforts around Hasbro's movie related toy launches, we made the product sampling a story itself; by creating visually impactful (and large!) shipping boxes wrapped in original artwork and designs.

These doubled as press kits and collector's items to the fan base, and was quickly utilized by the content hungry blogs to make the unboxing of this delivery a story (and tradition) unto themselves.

This strategy has been executed with Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel...who am I kidding, I just really want to show off how good I am at illustration. I drew that!

ROLE: Designer + Illustrator at Hunter PR