Nothing makes a beer taste better than 10k volts of electricity.

As the creative lead in the best-in-class Tough Mudder / Dos Equis sponsorship, I conceived and implemented our “own the finish line” strategy. We branded the last obstacle on the course, handed out finish line beers, and created a branded beer garden anchored by a two-story bar full of consumer engagements. Our efforts created tremendous presence—garnering us a shocking 98.7 percent presence of mind among Mudders.

In addition, we developed a photobooth technology that could survive the practical challenges of touring to 33 remote locations, function with limited connectivity, withstand exposure to inclement weather, and be set up and executed by a minimially trained local staff. It was a lot of effort, but all worth while when we gave consumers a chance to capture (and share) their triumph while their phones were safely locked away in a...less muddy...place.

ROLE: Creative Lead at Mirrorball